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The Doctrine of the Doors



The Doctrine of the Doors:
A Bible Based Study of the Portals of Heaven and Hell

By Matt Crane

paperback, 90 pages with drawings

Mankind’s technology is advancing at a breathtaking pace. Things that were regarded a hundred years ago as fanciful imaginations are now a part of our everyday lives. Modern evolutionary science would argue that man is currently at his highest potential, yet the Bible paints a very different picture and indicates that shortly after the flood of Noah, human ingenuity reached its pinnacle…and God Himself had to stop it.

Through careful and thorough study of the Scriptures, this book will display to the reader the blueprints of God’s universe, the secret passageways that He built into it and how beings from the spiritual realm can
enter into the physical realm…….and visa versa. Once one begins to understand “the Doctrine of the Doors”,the diabolical purpose of the massive Tower of Babel comes into full view. The greatest existential threat
the human race has ever seen since the Flood (circa 2348 B.C.) did not come in the form of a bomb, or in the form of a weoponized virus; it came in the form of a tower that was being assembled in a plain of the land of Shinar over 4,000 years ago.

Humanity is getting closer and closer to discovering the knowledge that they once possessed. It will not be long before it is understood that “the truth” is not “out there”, but rather “right here”, and that the SKY really is the limit.