FM Station in Liberia

7.1.2020 – We are making progress towards establishing the first Bible Believing, dispensational, KJV radio station in Liberia!

We will be broadasting much of the same content as heard on FFBR, but with special segments custmomized for Liberian listeners.

The tower is now built and we are waiting on an external hard drive full of content to be delivered via FedEx. Once that arrives we will be ready to buy our frequency and start broadcasting!!

To Do List:
  – Pour concrete base for the tower  DONE
  – Install Tower  ($1200)  DONE

  – Get Business License  (in progress)
  – Purchase FM frequency  (in progress)

KJV Bibles for Liberia

Thanks to the FFBR listeners, we were able to ship over 8,000 King James Bibles (!) that will distributed across Liberia, Guinea and Seirra Leone by brother Trokon Zahn. 

4.28.2020 – Many Christians have already been blessed with a King James Bible given to them by Trokon Zahn. Due to the costs of travel,  most of the people have had to come to Trokon to get a Bible.

  Trokon is eager to take more trips into the jungle to distribute Bibles, but could use some help with the traveling expenses.

Trokon Zahn

  Trokon Zahn is a born again Christian man who got a hold of the King James Bible and sound bible doctrine thanks to the efforts of the late David Cagle, founder of the King James Bible society.

  Trokon’s heart breaks for the souls of his fellow Liberians and he is always looking for ways to give them the Gospel. He is currently enrolled and doing online studies through the European Bible Institute (Dr. Nico Verhoef). 

  He has proven himself as a faithful man of integrity for all the years I have known him, and am continually impressed by his perseverance and godly attitude through hardship and trauma, and it is my honor to be working with him.

   – Matt Crane, Station Manager, Final Fight Bible Radio