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India Bible Project

Sept 15th – Nov. 12th

This promotion has ended. 

Total funds raised for Bible printing and shipping: $24,695.88 !! 

Thank you for your generosity!! God bless you for your participation!


Nico Verhoef (Missionary to Switzerland),
Kiran Kumar (Bible Believing India TV and India KJV Bible Institute),
Tim Carpenter (Bearing Precious Seed) and
Final Fight Bible Radio are teaming up to get
  – 5,000 Bibles,
  – 8,000 NTs
  – 8,000 John & Romans
…printed for the KJV Bible Institute students in India to distribute across India, Nepal, Pakistan,
and Afghanistan  in the languages of Hindi, Telegu, Nepali, Farsi, Pashtu and Urdu.


  Until now, the people in these countries have only had Alexandrian-based Bibles, but after many years of labour, Nico Verhoef
– has tracked down Philadelphia-era, Textus Receptus-based Bibles in the various languages of these regions,
is having them reprinted with doctrinal corrections from the KJV
  – and is making them available to the people in these countries!


  If you would like to participate in getting Bibles to the people in these countries, you can help by contributing in any of the following:


$3.00 donation = Whole Bible

 $1.00 donation = New Testament

 $0.25 donation = John & Romans