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Important Disclaimer

  For the sake of transaprency and public record, here are some important positions of Final Fight Bible Radio

1. Final Fight Bible Radio does not necessarily endorse every single thing that is broadcast on this station. We do our best to use discretion in regard to WHAT and WHO we air on the station. 

2. Final Fight Bible Radio rejects the doctrine of Calvinism and the erroneous, unbiblical delusion that God in eternity past pre-destined / pre-ordained some to salvation and others to damnation.

3. Final Fight Bible Radio takes the position that there will be a pre-tribulation rapture of the Church, and whole-heartedly rejects the teaching of a mid- or post-tribulation rapture of the Church.

4. Final Fight Bible Radio does not agree with or endorse rebellion to or subversion of local or national secular authorities and/or government, but encourages Christians to follow the Biblical mandate of living a morally righteous life for conscience’ sake (Rom. 13:5) and to obey man’s earthly ordinances’ in so far as their keeping does not contradict God’s word (Acts 5:29) nor give the Lord Jesus Christ a bad reputation (1 Peter 2:13).

If you hear something on the station that causes concern, please notify us through our contact page