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FFBR Enlistment

Want to be a part of this ministry?

here are 3 ways that you can be involved:

*A person or church that supports this ministry financially

All donations are helpful and greatly appreciated, but it is the consistent monthly donations that really enable us to stabilize and expand this radio ministry.

If you want to enlist as a monthly FFBR Contributor, you can do so here.

*A person who directly helps with the various tasks of this ministry. (remotely / from home)
We could really use some help in this area! 

FFBR Volunteers get to help with various computer related tasks such as:
– Download sermon material
– Audio editing and prep for airing
– Music prep and metadata input
– Image creation, editing and enhancing
– Website help and development (WordPress)
– App help and development

The requirements of these tasks range from the need of little computer experience to much computer experience, so virtually anyone can participate!

If you are interested in enlisting as a FFBR Volunteer, submit your application here!

*A person who helps creates new content for the station. (remotely / from home)
This involves skill, creativity and ability to perform tasks relating to audio production.

FFBR Freelancers help with recording and creating things such as:
– Salvation testimony clips
– Gospel presentation clips
– Scripture verse recordings
– Remembering the Martyrs clips

You will help with taking this station to the next level in quality and content!

If you are interested in enlisting as a FFBR Freelancer, submit your application here!

“Regardless of how you choose to participate, THANK YOU for your willingness to serve and participate in this ministry!!” 

– Matt Crane, FFBR Station Manager

Disclaimer: These are not paid positions. These are on a free-will, volunteer basis only, and are to be understood as service “as to the Lord” (Colossians 3:23).